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Rachel Kraft is the owner and lead stylist of kraftsalon. Rachel has been a licensed cosmetologist for the past twelve years. At sixteen Rachel began her journey in cosmetology shortly after graduation from Concord High School. Rachel studied and graduated from the Continental Academy of Hair Design. While attending the academy she also worked as a receptionist at Supercuts in Manchester, N.H. where she was quickly promoted to manager at the age of seventeen. After working at Supercuts, Rachel began working as a receptionist at Dellaria Hair Salon, which led to her working as an assistant at the Dellaria location in North Andover, Massachusetts. Rachel continued working at Dellaria until she was fully licensed. The day after graduating from hair design school she began working as a hair stylist at My Stylist, a salon she had been going to since she was eight years old.

Rachel is a native of New Hampshire and has lived here all of her life. Growing up as an adopted mixed- race young girl in New Hampshire and finding a hair salon that was skilled to work with ethnic hair was difficult, until finding " My Stylist". Because finding a salon that could work with ethnic hair was a difficult process for her, Rachel understands the need for women of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds to look and feel beautiful and she understands the difference that well-groomed hair can make in a woman’s life. This knowledge and understanding has empowered Rachel to dedicate her career to mastering the care of all types of hair and providing a multi-cultural approach to salon services.

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